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Why vote for Martha Coakley on November 4?

As governor, Martha Coakley will:

·         Advocate for universal access to early childhood education. Too many children are on waiting lists for access to high-quality early education programs. Denying families the opportunity to have children begin their education before kindergarten is at the root of the achievement gap.

·         De-emphasize high-stakes testing.Educators need more time to teach. Coakley’s education plan recognizes the fact that there is too much “teaching to the test.”

·         Increase financial aid to students seeking postsecondary education.Coakley proposes a “full-need” financial aid system to qualifying students who want to attend one of the state’s 15 community colleges.

Charlie Baker, Coakley’s Republican opponent in the governor’s race, is a poor choice for educators, families and students. He favors:
·         Lifting the cap on charter schools.Baker is a fan of charters, which drain local resources from traditional public schools that teach every child.

·         Overriding community control of schools.  Baker touted the state takeover of Lawrence schools as the way to help underperforming districts. This is the same outsourcing mentality he demonstrated as a health care CEO. By claiming he likes what happened in Lawrence, Baker really means he wants to get rid of collective bargaining and local authority.

·         Slashing higher education budgets.When he served as the state’s secretary of administration and finance, Baker twice proposed massive cuts to public higher education budgets. His current higher ed plan makes no assurances that funding for the UMass system, state universities and community colleges will not again come under attack.

·         Ignoring the Foundation Budget Review Commission. The commission will be examining funding for public schools and making sure that all students are receiving the quality of education to which they are entitled.

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